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It has never been more important to communicate effectively, impactfully, and with purpose.  "XSTO," in ancient times, literally meant "to stand out."  And that's exactly what XSTO's clients   have been doing since the company's formation in 1995.
With nearly  30 years of communications experience behind it, XSTO offers its clients a true, cost-effective alternative to small- and mid-sized agencies. Its contributions are immediate and tangible.
So whether you are looking for communications advice, assistance with an existing program, or a creative third party to help you develop new ideas and programs, XSTO is a logical choice. After all, isn't it time you paid your agency for what they know, rather than what they do?
Guy Tichy, President
XSTO Group, Inc.
1704 Green River Drive
Schaumburg, IL  60194
(224) 653-8874 
     XSTO Group, Inc.
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