It's not often we get to publicly acknowledge all those people who have contributed to our personal and professional lives.  I've been lucky in my life to have been touched and influenced by a great number of relatives, colleagues, clients and friends.  I offer my gratitude to, among others:

Barbara Holtz, Rebecca Rolph, Linda and Don Schnell, Tom and Jerry Heimsoth, Wally Rolph, Joseph Scroppo, Fred Pfeifer, Tom Foss, Bob Strauss, Doug Hampel, Jo Ellen Albers, Jeff Altheide, Gary Grates, Jack LeManager, David Brooks, Lew Boxenbaum, Susan Duensing, Alan Ambrose, Ellen Brindley, Tina Long, Alan Taylor, Joan Burrell, David O'Dowd, Brian Souders, Rich Panico, Jo Jackson, John Mandel, Anna Novotny, Ray Kaligian, Percy Herold, Erin Burks, Bob Schellenberg and many, many more.

To my wife, Amy, and my children, Joseph and Katherine, I will never be able to express how much you mean to me.  I live for you guys.

And, as I have done every day since 1982, I dedicate my life and work to my late father, Joseph Tichy III.  Every son should be so lucky.
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