XSTO Group, Inc. is a professional marketing communications consulting firm, specializing in business-to-business clients.  It serves a wide range of clients in highly diverse industries, such as building and construction, plastics, healthcare, orthopedics, chemicals and professional services, to name but a few.

While the term "freelance writer" is  applied to people in this business, XSTO prefers to position itself as a partner with its clients, not a "one and done" resource.  XSTO learns as much as possible about a client's business, and designs and executes programs that maximize each dollar spent, and yields tangible, measurable results.  Sometimes, that means recommending tactics that are ultimately executed by others. And we  say, "So be it!" 

This approach has enabled XSTO to develop not only hard-hitting, well thought out communications programs that work, but 15- and 20-year business and personal relationships that are valued to this day.

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